FIAFuselage Innovations for Agriculture

India’s First Affordable agriculture drone!

10L payload capacity

Precision Spraying of droplet size: 60- 200 μm

Cloud-based Crop Protection with Nireeksh AG drone

26 minutes flight time with single set of bateries

Foldable design keeps the FIA UAS both lightweight and strong.

Supports Automatic Flight plans and field mapping

The FIA QD10 high performance and efficient drone, tested and piloted over 50,000 Hectares of farmland. FIA QD10 crafted for the optimum smart agriculture solution for foliar application to support higher payload, optimizes the cost-effectiveness of crop ultra-low volume spraying and helping you achieve ultimate precision in your agricultural operations.

UAS main features

Flight time24 Minutes
Payload10 Liters
Weight 25 Kg
Power4 Kw



Propulsion System

Stator size100×10 mm
KV data100 rpm/v
Pull force 13.5 kg/rotor
Type of rotor BLDC
Number of rotors 4


Maximum working currentFOC 100A
Maximum working voltage44.4 V(12S LiPo)

Spray tank

Medicine tank volume10 Litre
Medicine box weight0.9 kg

Power Battery

Voltage44.4v 12S
Capacity 16000mAh
Weight3.6 kg
Charging plugXT90 socket
Magnifying power25C

Remote control specification

Weight490g(controller), 26g(receiver),15.6g(camera)
Working voltage3.7V
Working Current 170mA
Battery Capacity4000mAh
Endurance 25hours
Frequency 2.400GHz-2.4833GHz
Operational Distance 500 meter (Video/data)
Signal OutputSBUS, PWM, I2C

Frame Parameters

Maximum Diagonal wheelbase2140 mm
UAS frame dimensions655515630mm (arms and propeller folded)
16951795630mm (arms and propeller unfolded)
10301120630mm (arms unfolded and propeller folded)

Flight Characteristics

Maximum attainable altitude50 feet


Diameter * Pitch 30×9 inch
Propeller weight 90g

Flight Control System

Hovering accuracy ± 1m in horizontal direction
Maximum yaw speed 150 ° / s
Maximum vertical speed 6 m / s
Working temperature -10~60℃
Collision Avoidance System No

Spraying system

Pressure nozzle single nozzle
Pump flow 5L/ Minute
Working voltage 44.4v
Spraying width 4-6m

Mini Camera

Weight 15.6g
Temperature -10°C to +40°C

Dual Charger

Input Voltage100-240V
Output Power1080W (540W×2) Discharging Power: 50W×2
Charging Range1.0-20.0A×2 Balance Current: 1.2A Max.
Battery TypeLiPo/LiHV Battery Cell Count: 6s×2
Charging ModesFast Charge/Balance Charge/Storage